Commercial Solar Window Film

Spending hours in an commercial office environment with large windows and not being able to see out because the blinds are shut is often the case. Our window films blocks 99% of damaging UV rays that fade interiors. It also deflects harsh uncomfortable glare, thereby improving comfort for office occupants. Our window film also provides a level of protection from broken glass in the event of a disaster.

These window films perform the following functions:

  • Increase safety
  • Reduce solar heat gain
  • Cut glare
  • Improve security
  • Provide privacy
  • Insulate
  • Improve building aesthetics
  • Create decorative glass
  • Protect surfaces from graffiti
  • Improve overall

Tint Masters is proud to provide Edmonton with commercial window tinting services to meet any goal. Whether you want to improve solar control or security or just want to give your windows a new look with decorative tinting, we can help.

Office and Commerical Tinting Packages